For photovoltaic parks in the open field, on the roof or residential houses, we propose a protection system for solar cables:

Quality and Efficiency!

The guarantee for tens of years of the operation of photovoltaic systems depends not only on the quality of the parts used, but also on the quality of the workmanship on the construction site. For the best possible infrastructure, which does not allow the solar cables used in the DC system to wear out, we propose a modular protection system that ensures not only the highest quality of execution but also a reduced installation time. Dozens of installation hours can thus be saved using the EXTRO Flex system with specific accessories for UV-resistant photovoltaic installations.


 The standard proposed by us consists in the use of EXTRO Flex D20 tubes for strings and EXTRO Flex D40 tubes for collecting up to 4 strings in a collector tube. In order to guarantee a quality installation and above all speed and efficiency on site, we developed the EXTRO Y 40 20 40 and EXTRO Y 40 40 40 couplings, couplings that are installed by manual insertion, without special tools, with a simple click. Used together with O-ring sealing gaskets, they can also ensure protection class IP 65. By using special couplings, the application of insulating tape on the joints is completely eliminated - application that consumes a lot of time, the quality of execution in that case not being controllable, varying depending on the function staff training. End plugs and EXTRO I 40 40 couplings complete the system. For the entrance to the fuse panel, we suggest the D40 gland, and for the D20 tubes used for strings, the 20.

We invite you to try the system and save!