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Product Properties

Halogen Free - HF

Does not release toxic gases in case of fire. In the case of standard tubes made of halogenated plastic materials (for example PVC), the chlorine that is released in the event of a fire reacts with the humidity of the air or the water used for extinguishing and produces hydrochloric acid, which is particularly harmful and can lead to serious accidents. Such plastic materials are not used in the EXTRO range.

Standard products do not propagate combustion and do not release black smoke

Once ignited during a fire, the material used has self-extinguishing properties and does not propagate the combustion. Even when lit, the smoke released by the material used is neither black nor intoxicating.

Very good flexibility even in very low temperature conditions

In the case of execution of works at low temperatures, the natural ductility of the raw material used ensures EXTRO FLEX® products a flexibility clearly superior to products made of other plastic materials, which become brittle, an effect that can lead to difficulties during handling on site or even damage to the cables .

It is not damaged by exposure to sunlight (UV resistant)

The material used is UV stabilized, this guaranteeing practically unlimited resistance to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight spectrum, without losing its flexibility and mechanical properties over time.